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Project · Major case · UPuper built an "Annually non-stop production" planting factory In mountain area of Deqing county, Huzhou city.

UPuper built an "Annually non-stop production" planting factory In mountain area of Deqing county, Huzhou city.
views:141 2022-04-02

UPuper built an "Annually non-stop production" planting factory In mountain area of Deqing county, Huzhou city, there is an amazing factory which covers 6.92 acres and operates without any restannually-Shuimu Moganshan urban agricultural complex, built by Qinghua University agricultural team. In this land of idyllic beauty, we have witnessed how a fully integrated modern high-technology realizes a new model of modern agricultural industrialization with sustainable development. It is also the first greenhouse planting factory with independent intellectual property rights in China.

Currently the project mainly grows tomatoes and other fruit or vegetable crops, with an annual output of 1.25 million kilograms of tomatoes, the production capacity has been increased for about 50 times than before, it can meet the demand of nearly 50000 people every year. While saving a lot of soil, human and material costs, it can ensure the continuous supply of fruits and vegetables throughout the year without the traditional cultivation dependence on the climate. So, what's the secret behind this magical super factory?


UPuper® let greenhouse agriculture become “wiser” 

Different from traditional planting, UPuper uses precision cultivation mode, integrated drip irrigation facilities and intelligent environmental control system for scientific management. the future of agriculture is industry digitalization and automation. Artificial intelligence and precision planting will bring subversive transform. UPuper® Rock wool substrate can meet the development needs of advanced agriculture.

UPuper® rock wool substrate itself does not consume any water or fertilizer nutrition. Therefore, all the nutrients are given to the roots under your control. Through the drip irrigation system, it can accurately give all kinds of growth elements to help to improve the yield and quality. It can also dynamically optimize the planting strategy through accurate data accumulation and analysis.

UPuper® use fully automatic production line to realize flow production. You will see uniformed shape and stable performance in each patch, so that the automatic mechanical equipment identify products easily. Meanwhile, UPuper® is very light and convenient, it can help to reduce labor intensity and labor cost.


UPuper® let greenhouse agriculture become fruitful 

UPuper® rock wool is an inorganic material with stable structure and no impurities. The return liquid is very clean so water and fertilizer can be 100% recycled to effectively save resources. Therefore, rock wool substrate is better than traditional substrate in the aspects of irrigation management, water and fertilizer saving and plant growth control. Furthermore, the porous fiber structure of rock wool meets the requirements of water, fertilizer, oxygen and root environment at all stages of plant growth. It can improve plant growth speed, fruit yield and quality to realize market early entry to increase economic benefits.

UPuper® raw material comes from natural volcanic rock. After high temperature quenching under 1500 ℃, it will not carry any pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs or other harmful organisms to poison the plant. Due to its unique material and structural characteristics, pests or diseases are not easy to survive in it. Prevent the use of pesticides from the origin and turn the plant into a green and high-quality "three-none products" (no pesticides, no diseases and no heavy metal residues). Furthermore, the used rock wool can be used as a soil conditioner after being crushed. Also it can help to maintain more water by adding rock wool substrate into sandy soil. In clay, UPuper® can increase the oxygen content adding rock wool. Rock wool can also be recycled and re-produced to form a sustainable developingclosed-loop ecological agriculture.



The traditional agriculture and planting industry has its limitation, which is it can only produce in stages by season, but the Market demand is continuous. So continuous production becomes particularly significant. In Deqing city, UPuper® rock wool cooperates with Chinese independent intellectual property intelligent greenhouse system to break the seasonal restrictions on crop growth, it is the secret weapon to realize the 365 day continuous production of the factory.

UPuper® Rock wool aims to enable users to achieve richer and considerable returns, let consumers eat safer and more delicious fruits, help the high-quality development of modern agriculture and lead the bright future of high-end intelligent agriculture.