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Study · Industry information · The rockwool cubes industry and other market situations will remain severe and complex in the coming years

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The rockwool cubes industry and other market situations will remain severe and complex in the coming years
Views:43 2023-04-29

In the coming years, the rockwool cubes industry and other market situations will remain severe and complex, and the Muif crystal cotton project in Ninglongjiang Province/Region will also be the mainstream form.

Flowing homeowners describe too many as disadvantages. This layer of foam board has excellent thermal insulation performance and is also used for external wall insulation. Because foam board has no compressive strength, thermal conductivity, high load, it can reduce the aging rate, fix the mechanization degree of foam board construction, and extend the utilization rate. However, foreign countries have not proved that our country only calculates whether the cross section of foam board can bear the weight of steel. For example, there are several sandwich panels in the thermal insulation layer of masonry roof, so the manufacturer of foam board is more clear.

! Mortar should have strong adhesion, and the surface of ceramic tiles can also be sprayed according to requirements.

SBS, basement drainage pipeline sound insulation cotton insulation pipe production house roof, building drainage pipeline sound insulation cotton manufacturer. 22MM aluminum gusset plate for power plant production.

rockwool cubes is a rock wool product specially designed and developed for various flexible waterproof roof systems, which integrates the functions of heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption and noise reduction. It has good compressive and point load resistance, good hydrophobic and moisture-proof properties, low short-term water absorption and long-term humidity, good aging resistance and weather resistance, physical stability and chemical stability. It can meet the needs of bearing and related equipment weight during the construction and maintenance of the roof system.

Fireproof rockwool cubes has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good breathability, and high combustion performance level, especially suitable for thermal insulation, sound insulation, and noise reduction in industries such as petrochemical, textile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, power, and construction. The exterior wall rockwool cubes is mainly used for insulation and sound insulation of building walls and roofs, as well as fire prevention and noise reduction of building partitions, fire doors, and elevator shafts.

Time: 1. Density: 80-180kg/m3. Thickness: Length: Degree: 1 × 25 kg/m3 thickness: 30-100 kg/m3 density: 60 kg/m3.

The hydrophobicity rate of products produced by rockwool cubes manufacturers can reach 90%. So how can we create higher hydrophobic rockwool cubess? There are mainly the following types: 1. Insulation performance: Thermal conductivity is a measure of insulation materials λ The important indicator is that the smaller the thermal conductivity, the less energy transmitted through the material, and the better the insulation performance of the insulation rockwool cubes. 2. Sound absorption performance: The insulation rockwool cubes has excellent sound absorption performance, and the free sound absorption feature is that the product has a porous structure. When sound waves pass through, the sound energy is converted into heat energy, which hinders the transmission of sound waves and the propagation of sound.

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