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Product advantage

Rock wool is seen as one of the best substrates in soilless cultivation because of its special structure and excellent physical/chemical properties. It provides a good root environment with sufficient fertilizer, water, sterility and air supply for plants.

The Netherlands has largest area of soilless cultivation with most advanced technology in the world. It uses rock wool as soilless cultivation substrates for more than 80% cultivation area, it is the country with the biggest rock wool application area. Britain, Belgium etc. are also focusing on rock wool technology development. So far among the soilless cultivation in the world, the rock wool planting area ranks top of the list.

UPuper® is a leading manufacturer of rockwool substrate in the entire Asia Pacific region, including rockwool cubes, rockwool grow slabs, seedling plugs, planting strips, etc.

Precision Planting

UPuper® Rock wool does not carry, absorb or consume any water or nutrients. Meanwhile, It does not prevent crops from absorbing nutrients. The elements given by water and fertilizer can be totally provided to plants. Growers do not need to consider the various effects of the substrates itself on crops. People can accurately mix the nutrition solution required by crops in each growing stage. It is conducive to the data collection, analysis and management to optimize planting strategies. UPuper® rock wool’s EC and pH values are stable, which is convenient to set a unified irrigation scheme to have an easier management, and keep the consistent growth of crop roots.

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Green & safe

Rock wool has the least impact on the environment among all substrates. UPuper® rock wool is made from natural rock and melted at 1500℃. It has no pathogenic bacteria, toxic and harmful substances. It provides a pollution-free root environment for growing green crops. UPuper® Rock wool substrates can also realize recycling, which makes it to become a green, safe, stable and reliable soilless culture medium.

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High yield & quality

UPuper® rock wool substrates have a strong ability of water saving and fertilizer retention. It provides an excellent growth environment for crop roots. The internal three-dimensional network fiber structure makes the nutrient distribution more evenly, which is conducive to the roots extension and growth. A developed root system is the precondition of high yield and excellent fruit quality. UPuper® Rock wool has firm structure and is not easy to deform without scattering, so It will not cause any damage to crops root while transplanting, the survival rate will increase, which is also helpful to grow large seedlings. It can help to realize the time to market  in advance or later seasons to bring higher yield, quality and economic benefits.

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High efficiency with low consumption

UPuper® Rock wool substrates can be made into different specifications according to the needs, which is suitable for automatic sowing, industrialized seedling raising, mechanized transplanting etc. UPuper® rock wool is light without scattering, which can reduce labor cost and intensity. It helps to improve labor environment and production efficiency. The return liquid of UPuper® rock wool is clean so that it can be recycled, which not only saves water and fertilizer, but also protects the environment. UPuper® rock wool substrate is manufactured in full automatic production lines so that the customer will receive products with accurate size and fast delivery time. UPuper® can meet the needs of different growers in different periods.

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