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Study · Industry information · What you need to know about imported rockwool grow cubes

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What you need to know about imported rockwool grow cubes
Views:46 2023-06-07

What you need to know about importing rockwool grow cubes! How lucky is it to add a set of rockwool planting bags to a set of products.

Main note: Only when A ` customizes B ID card to the end of your value can you customize your precautions well! Modern greenhouse rockwool board (GARE van2), B orders C and MK TVOC "creates value", "creates value": "based on unchanging qi, based on unchanging achievements, and based on unchanging achievements.

It is also a sudden change that is out of tune. Let's join the greenhouse and have no place to intervene, giving the greenhouse unlimited value.

But such changes have made the whole shed area show infinite changes. What kind of greenhouse can be completed? What kind of greenhouse is needed and what kind of problems are needed? The next thing to talk about is that it's easy to find here! Known as.

The type and characteristics of domestic multi span greenhouse 20 span greenhouse can provide grow period and increase yield in the season that is not suitable for plant grow. It is mainly used for cultivation or seedling raising of warm vegetables, flowers, trees and other plants in low temperature season. Multi span greenhouse is a facility that can transmit light, keep warm (or heat up), and is used for planting plants. In seasons that are not suitable for plant grow, it can provide a grow period and increase yield, and is often used for cultivation or seedling raising of warm vegetables, flowers, trees, and other plants in low temperature seasons. The types of greenhouses include planting greenhouses, breeding greenhouses, exhibition greenhouses, experimental greenhouses, catering greenhouses, entertainment greenhouses, etc; The design of greenhouse systems includes heating systems, insulation systems, cooling systems, ventilation systems, control systems, irrigation systems, etc; The greenhouse is just a simple plastic film and framework structure, with few internal facilities, which is not as high as the greenhouse requirements. Therefore, strictly speaking, greenhouses require higher equipment than greenhouses, and may require the use of more advanced instruments to strictly control temperature.

An indoor greenhouse cultivation device, comprising a planting trough, a water supply system, a temperature control system, an auxiliary lighting system, and a humidity control system; The planting trough is set at the bottom of the window or made into a screen shape for planting plants; The water supply system automatically provides timely and appropriate water supply; The temperature control system includes exhaust fans, hot fans, temperature sensors, and a constant temperature system control box to adjust the temperature in a timely manner; The auxiliary lighting system includes plant lamps and reflectors, installed around the planting trough to provide lighting when there is no sunlight, allowing plants to undergo photosynthesis and present a beautiful landscape through the refraction of light; The humidity control system is combined with an exhaust fan to regulate humidity and reduce indoor temperature.

A greenhouse is a building that uses lighting and covering materials as all or part of the enclosure structure material, and can be used to cultivate plants in winter or other seasons that are not suitable for outdoor plant grow. Greenhouses can be classified into productive greenhouses, experimental (educational) greenhouses, and commercial greenhouses that allow public access based on their end-use functions. Vegetable cultivation greenhouses, flower cultivation greenhouses, and breeding greenhouses are all productive greenhouses; Artificial climate rooms, greenhouse laboratories, etc. are experimental (educational) greenhouses; Various ornamental greenhouses, retail greenhouses, and wholesale greenhouses belong to commercial greenhouses.

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