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UPuper · Brand dynamics · How Rockwool Grow Media Leading Europe Hydroponic Planting?

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How Rockwool Grow Media Leading Europe Hydroponic Planting?

Views:889 2023-02-23

The Netherlands is the world's leading agricultural power. It has the world's most advanced large-area multi-span glass greenhouse structure system. It is one of the birthplaces of the world's three major hydroponic cultivation technologies. Most of the hydroponic planting substrate in the Netherlands are rockwool grow media.


Why can rockwool substrate lead in the agriculturally developed areas of the Netherlands and even Europe? This is mainly due to the precise control of rockwool on the microenvironment of the root of the plant, and the control is simple.


①Natural materials, clean and safe

The rockwool substrate belongs to the inorganic grow medium, and the raw material is a pure natural material. It is made of natural basalt after 1500° high-temperature melting. It does not carry any harmful organisms such as pathogenic bacteria and insect eggs. It can be used without disinfection, desalination, and sterilization. clean.

At the same time, the rockwool grow medium does not contain heavy metals, will not cause toxicity to plants, and is safer.


②Consistent performance, stable performance

The rockwool is produced in a factory assembly line, with uniform shape, stable performance, consistent internal structure of the substrates and no difference between the grow media, no matter the size or density, it can be kept consistent, there will be no individual differences, and it is convenient for unified management.


③Recycling, saving water and fertilizer

Rock wool is an inorganic material, does not contain impurities, has a stable structure, and the liquid return is clear. It can be used with drip irrigation and water and fertilizer recycling systems to realize 100% water and fertilizer recycling and reuse, which can effectively save water and fertilizers and realize the rockwool recycling and reuse of nutrient solutions.


④Automatic production, reducing labour

The rockwool substrates have a consistent shape, good strength, and a certain mechanical strength bearing capacity. It is very suitable for the mechanical automation production of modern greenhouses. It can get rid of a lot of manual dependence, cooperate with intelligent operations, reduce labour costs, and improve work efficiency.


⑤Simple management and precise planting

The rockwool substrate itself does not contain any nutrients and does not consume water, fertilizer and nutrients so what you give is what you get, and it can also dynamically optimize the planting strategy through accurate data accumulation and analysis.


⑥Recycling and remanufacturing, sustainability

The rockwool media can realize the complete recycling and reuse of products. The used rockwool can be recycled into the factory and reprocessed into new rockwool products, forming a closed-loop ecological agriculture for the sustainable development of the rockwool industry.



Rockwool grow media, as a planting substrate widely recognized and used in the Europe agricultural field, is currently being recognized and used by many large greenhouses.

With the continuous development of agricultural science and technology, in the long run, the use of rockwool substrate can greatly save energy consumption, labor, money and time costs, and will be more and more accepted by modern agricultural growers. We will continue to enrich and Optimize the product series to match the needs of more and different growers. To find more production of UPuper®. Please view the all products catalogue.

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