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UPuper · Brand blog · How UPuper® rock wool substrate saves water in precise irrigation ?

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How UPuper® rock wool substrate saves water in precise irrigation ?

Views:58 2022-12-08

The shortage of water resources is a worldwide problem, and more than 50 countries around the world are facing the problem of drought and water shortage. China has a large amount of water resources, ranking sixth in the world, but its per capita share is less than 1/4 of the world average, ranking 109th in the world, and it is one of the 13 water-poor countries. China, as the largest fertilizer producer and consumer in the world, is extremely important to realize the rational distribution of water and fertilizer under the circumstances of serious shortage of water resources, serious waste and low utilization efficiency.

Let's take tomatoes as an example to see what the water requirements of tomatoes are under different growth environments.

Under different planting methods, the water requirement per kilogram of tomato varies significantly.


1. Outdoor planting: 60L/kg

2. Greenhouse hydroponic planting (without water and fertilizer recycling system): 22L/kg

3. Greenhouse hydroponic cultivation (water and fertilizer recycling system): 10L/kg


At present, the hydroponic cultivation in the greenhouse is basically equipped with drip irrigation and water and fertilizer recycling system, which irrigates water and fertilizer in the form of drips, and in addition, the return liquid flowing out of the substrate is concentrated in the liquid storage tank through the return pipe, and then the PH and EC are readjusted for circulation. Utilization has greatly reduced waste.


This will save water perfectly? UPuper® rock wool substrate maximizes water saving. At present, most hydroponics cultivation substrates need to be washed with salt before use. The turbid return liquid in the previous stage cannot be recovered, and the water and fertilizer are absorbed and consumed by themselves, so that the water and fertilizer are not fully utilized.


The EC and PH of UPuper® rock wool substrate are stable, so it does not need to be washed repeatedly, it only needs to be fully soaked before use.


UPuper® Rock Wool Substrate is a clean substrate with clear liquid return, which can realize water and fertilizer recycling for the first irrigation.

UPuper® rock wool not absorb and consume water and fertilizers, the elements given by water and fertilizer can be totally provided to plants. Greatly improves the utilization rate of water and fertilizers.


The above characteristics of UPuper® rock wool substrate can effectively save water and fertilizer, reduce irrigation costs, and avoid the damage of water resources, soil environment and ecological environment caused by the random discharge of water and fertilizer, which will affect the sustainable use of water resources and soil production capacity and sustainable use. Sustainability.

UPuper® rock wool hydroponic cultivation substrate can make the best use of every drop of water! Inject new impetus into the sustainable development of agriculture.

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