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UPuper · Brand dynamics · How to prevent green algae on rockwool in hydroponics planting?

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How to prevent green algae on rockwool in hydroponics planting?

Views:932 2023-02-14

Many hydroponic growers may find that during the growth of crops in the greenhouse, some green algae are easy to grow on the surface of the rock wool substrate. So where are the green algae from? What can we do for preventing green algae on rockwool surface?

Where are the green algae from?

Green algae has no seeds, but its own cells and spores are ubiquitous in life, and water sources, soil and even the air contain cells and spores of green algae.

Although the greenhouse is a relatively sealed place, the irrigation water, the sand on the soles of the staff's shoes, and the influx of air when the greenhouse is switched on may all bring the cells and spores of green algae into the greenhouse.

When the phosphate fertilizer concentration and pH value in the nutrient solution of the rock wool substrate are too high, or the seedbed and plug trays are not disinfected and cleaned thoroughly, and the irrigation water is not clean, it is very easy to grow green algae.

Whether it has a bad influence on plants growing?

The growth of a small amount of green algae is normal and will not harm the crops growing in the rock wool substrate. Generally, there is no need to deal with it, and growers do not need to worry. However, if the green algae blooms in large quantities, you may pay attention to, which may affect the growth of plants or increase the workload of greenhouse management.

What can we do for preventing green algae on rockwool surface?

The growth of green algae must have sufficient light and sufficient oxygen. It is the good air-to-water ratio of the rock wool substrate, coupled with the suitable temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, that allows green algae to grow on the surface of the bare rock wool substrate. It's also very simple to prevent the green algae on Rockwool surface.

rockwool cube (2).jpg

keep the top of the block covered. Using reflective bubble insulation or drip cover. It not only prevents green algae but also helps create a vapour zone where roots grow on the surface of rock wool.

Generally, crops planted within one year do not need special treatment measures. Green algae does not affect the overall growth and yield of crops, because the rock wool substrate has good air permeability, also think of algae as a warning rather than an actual problem.

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